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Parish Pastoral Council



Rev Fr Callistus Khathali OMI

Deacon Allister Glenn   
Odette Eckstein 


Eugene Lushaba

Bernard Courtois

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Granville Canham;       Jean-Luc Ilunga;    Nontobeko Ndlela;      Ronny Nijimbere;       Ben Potgieter;        Marlene Reyman

The term of office of all members (including the 6 representatives) is 3 years.
No person may serve on the Council for more than 2 consecutive terms of office after which he or she is not eligible for a 3rd term.
Besides the Parish Priest, Deacon and Pastoral Assistant, the Council will consist of a maximum of 12 members, which will include:
6 elected members and 6 appointed members, representing 6 categories of established ministries in the parish.
The 6 categories and the parish ministry groups they represent will be:
  • Catechesis (Junior & Senior Catechism & Teenage Confirmation Preparation Programme)
  • Post Confirmation Group
  • Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) /Faith Course
  • Baptism Preparation Course & Marriage Preparation
  • Liturgy
  • Liturgy Committee
  • Readers (Proclaimers) Group
  • Sacristans
  • Ministers of the Eucharist
  • Altar Servers
  • Unleavened Bread Ministry Group
  • Choir & Folk Group
  • Ministers of Hospitality
  • Flower Arranging Group
  • Rosary/Prayers for Vocations Group
  • Repository (Sale of religious articles)


Groups & Associations
  • Small Christian Communities
  • Catholic Women's League
  • Sacred Heart Sodality (Zulu)
  • St Anna's Sodality (Zulu)
  • Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate
  • Social Events Committee & Catering
  • Social Awareness
  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Home Visitors Group
  • Getting-to-know-you Group (Senior Citizens)
  • Outreach
  • Ecumenism (relationship with other Christian Churches
  • Finance - includes Maintenance
  • Finance Committee
  • Maintenance
  • Youth
  • Mini Youth (Grades 3 to 7)
  • Teenage Youth (Grades 8 to 11)
  • Young Adults (18 to 30 years)
The Finance Committee will be represented by the chairperson or person elected by the Finance Committee.
All other categories will be represented by one person appointed by the outgoing Parish Pastoral Council, after consultation with the groups in the category.
The appointed representatives should be allowed to be elected to an executive position on the Council, only if there is no-one suitable or available from the elected members, but where this happens they should be relieved of their positions as appointed representatives and another representative appointed.
Appointed representatives will be full Councilors and will be required to participate fully in all discussions and decisions.
They will be required to participate in Council activities outside of their particular ministries.
On the Council they will represent their grouping and their main task will be to liaise and communicate with the leaders of the various groups that make up the particular ministry grouping.
It will be their task to bring to the Council, matters that their group wishes to raise, and to report back to their grouping any matters raised at the Council that effect their grouping.
They should be appointed because they have some experience and expertise in the ministries comprising their grouping and will, therefore, be expected to give input to the Council in discussion on matters related to their grouping.
They will not be "in charge" or the leader of the grouping and will not be required to manage or control the day to day activities of their grouping (except for the Finance Committee), as this will remain the task of the leaders of the various groups or ministries.
Elected Members will be required to participate fully as Councilors’ in all discussions and decisions of the Council.
They should be prepared to volunteer to lead Council sub-committees that are set up to react to the "signs of the times" and the needs of the parish. These may be 'ad hoc' committees, for example, a committee set up to arrange a social function or a special event.
They will be required to communicate with the general body of the parish.
They need to be aware of the needs of the parish and be prepared to respond to these needs through the Council.

Persons may be co-opted to ensure that all sections of the parish are represented.
A person with special talents for public relations and with verbal and written communication skills should be invited to join or work with the Council. 
This person should be responsible, with a small team, for assisting the Council to advertise events, policies and needs. 
This person should also be responsible, with a small team, for producing the parish magazine.

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